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About Us

If your looking for a professional, reliable Contracting company in central Illinois, who is committed to quality, outstanding service in a timely manner, look no further!

The facts

  • McCloughan Contractors has a successful history of nearly three decades of experience at demolition contracting and related work in central Illinois and surrounding areas.
  • Our field staff have the experience and dedication to utilize our equipment to its fullest potential, delivering satisfactory results efficiently, and safely, every time.
  • We are a privately owned and operated company, established in 1985 located in Springfield, Illinois, servicing central Illinois and surrounding areas.

It’s our 30 years experience that make us capable of handling any project circumstance, whether it’s a matter of finishing the job on time and on budget, or meeting specific customer and job requirements. McCloughan Contractors has real world experience on a variety of industry project types, which is what makes us the leading contractors in central Illinois. Along with heavy equipment certifications, our experienced field team receives continuous OSHA and site specific training in various aspects of the demolition and building contracting process.

Our History

Kevin McCloughan, owner/founder of McCloughan Contractors is committed to making sure all projects are completed in a timely, efficient and safe manner, which is why he personally oversees the management of each and every job. We believe that has played a vital role in our success.

The Owner